Excited and Fearful

It was full of excitement, fear and uncertainty when we officially launched our business but I was more than positive that the chances to grow the business is possible, considering that there’s a growing Filipino Population in the area and across the country. On the other hand, a bit of hesitation and intimidation by big companies around the area. As a result we decided to focus the business by matching the price of other big business establishment and even lowering a little bit more. Then we make sure we have wide varieties of Filipino and other Asian foods available and we offer delivery service to our customers within Cardiff City and the surrounding areas with reasonable delivery fee. That’s the original plan and it’s works!

A big THANK YOU to all our friends and customers that helped and supported us since we officially launched our business last month. It was a mixed emotion, fear vs determination. established and giants businesses over my limited resources. Established business talks about logistics and I was planning a strategy. These were all the barriers that we partially passed through, and we finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

We have reached our expected sales in the first month of operation, with good feedback from customers. We are proud that our local kababayan here in Cardiff are supporting our business and our kababayan across the UK. We are very happy that our business reaches anywhere in the UK. We have customers in Scotland, Leeds, York, New Castle, Oxfordshire, Kent and anywhere in the UK. Most of all we are very happy that we have repeated orders from our current customers.

We can now deliver Frozen Products to anywhere in the UK through Royal Mail guarantee next day delivery from 7:00-13:00, we have tried it last month and it works well.

Thank you once again to all our customers and friends that supported us and will continue to support us along the way, you guys gives us more strength hope and determination. It’s a win win situation from us and to our customers. We are not only making business here but serving our fellow kababayan by providing a wide range of Quality Filipino & Asian Products @ Great Prices. And with our delivery services that brings your shopping right in front to your door.

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