The passion to be come an entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is about creativity, combining your passion, degree and knowledge from work experienced, hard work, determination, persistent, optimism and having the ability to keep going no matter what.  These are the words strongly associated with the Filipino culture.  These are also the usual words that paint the character of businessmen in the Philippine setting.  We have a very colourful and emotionally engaged culture that is embedded in the works we do.  Looking at how our country’s top businessmen have built their empires from the ground up is sufficient evidence that the ingredients to becoming a successful businessmen take more than just hard work, persistence and optimism.

There are also an element of laziness in entrepreneurship, but not the traditional sense that you may think!  The lazy part of the process is that we entrepreneurs are always looking to find easier ways of doing things to strip away unnecessary layers of complexity and to beat our competitors in the process. But if we are not careful, this thinking can collide with the hard work, the quality that is critical to entrepreneurial success.

And when it comes down to beating competitors, which is what you must do to win business and get to the top of your field, the best and simplest way is to outwork them.  There are no short cuts or secrets here, just plain old fashioned hard work.  Your passion is where your journey begins, it works with a mission in your mind to go a step further, it is an overriding quality.

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